Relationship Advice


Ahhh…relationship advice….I never asked to get involved with it. But my granny said after my heart was shattered into a million pieces, “The broken know how to mend others. 

So that’s me, in a nutshell. I know what it means to be broken. I also know what it means to feel mended and whole. None of us want to be alone. But the risk vs. reward thing is the caveat that is oftentimes in the forefront of our minds when we pursue a dating relationship. Deep inside of us, we know that it is against our design to be …

What is Sexual Health


All creatures, great and small have some form of sexual expression. Sexual health is defined, as the area of our lives that encompasses our unique expression of what is satisfying to us both, physically and emotionally.

Homo sapiens are the dominant species that have been granted ruler ship and protection over all other creatures, below us. We are the highest life form and the most complex, especially when it comes to our sexuality. Unlike lower life forms, what we do physically translates into how we feel emotionally about ourselves, and vice versa. …

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