Male Penile Health


One of the considerations that comes with sexual activity is potential health risks. Although it is easier for a man to pass on a STD to a woman than it is for a woman to pass one on to a man, it can and does happen. Aside from condoms, there are other ways in which a male can protect his reproductive health.…

Female Sexual Health -Sexually Transmitted Disease


This page is devoted to female sexual health and the concerns of sexually transmitted disease.

What Are The Physical Obstacles to Achieving Female Sexual Health?

Fear of Catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease:

Two years ago, a prominent condom company conducted a nationwide survey and found out that 85% of women were more concerned about catching a sexually transmitted disease (especially those that are incurable or fatal) than becoming pregnant while having sex. Unfortunately, a high percentage of the women had scant knowledge about the dozens of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and the symptoms of those diseases.…

Female Sexual Health


This page is devoted to overcoming obstacles to female sexual health.

She melted small and wonderful in his arms, and yielded with a quiver that was like death. Afterward, she clung to him, with a hiss of wonder that was almost awe, terror. He held her close, but said nothing. And out of incomprehensible stillness, she only wanted to be nearer to him, only to be near the sensual wonder of him. All at once she was gone, she was not, and she born: a woman.

                                                                                       Lady Chatterley’s Lover
                                                                                       D.H. Lawrence

Few men ever experience the adoration of …

Mans Sexual Health


A mans sexual health is defined as the capacity to enjoy a satisfying sexual experience. As human beings, we innately understand that sex is good for our well-being, and our bodies.

When sex is disrupted for whatever reason, the damage reverberates throughout our whole body.…

What is Sexual Health


All creatures, great and small have some form of sexual expression. Sexual health is defined, as the area of our lives that encompasses our unique expression of what is satisfying to us both, physically and emotionally.

Homo sapiens are the dominant species that have been granted ruler ship and protection over all other creatures, below us. We are the highest life form and the most complex, especially when it comes to our sexuality. Unlike lower life forms, what we do physically translates into how we feel emotionally about ourselves, and vice versa. …

STD Herpes Dating Services


STD Herpes Dating Services are specifically designed for the needs of those that have STDs. These STD dating services provide a haven for you to meet and date others in a safe secure environment. Two of the top rated Dating Services are and . These Dating Services are free to join and offer a wide array of services. We have listed the key points about the services below for your review.…

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