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Table of Contents What Females Want:What Are The Obstacles Standing in the Way For Optimum Female Sexual Health?Part 1 The Mind & Female Sexual HealthResentment and Unforgiveness:Here’s The Release Exercise:Posts from the same category: This page is devoted to overcoming obstacles to female sexual health. She melted small and wonderful […]

This page is devoted to overcoming obstacles to female sexual health.

She melted small and wonderful in his arms, and yielded with a quiver that was like death. Afterward, she clung to him, with a hiss of wonder that was almost awe, terror. He held her close, but said nothing. And out of incomprehensible stillness, she only wanted to be nearer to him, only to be near the sensual wonder of him. All at once she was gone, she was not, and she born: a woman.

                                                                                       Lady Chatterley’s Lover
                                                                                       D.H. Lawrence

Few men ever experience the adoration of a woman gazing into their eyes after he has awakened her sexually. Few women experience the knowing of being touched and the marvelous potency of being satisfied. Yet, the quest continues for millions of women everyday.

What Females Want:

All creatures have some kind of sex drive, but in the human female, hers is wrapped around her heart. Hollywood may depict our fair gender as wild, unfeeling and a rampant sex goddess, but the only thing that most of us want is to be tenderly entreated. Our female sexual health is deeply rooted in our emotions.

What Are The Obstacles Standing in the Way For Optimum Female Sexual Health?

Part 1 The Mind & Female Sexual Health

Resentment and Unforgiveness:

Resentment is anger, lived over, and over again and is detrimental to female sexual health. How do you know if you harboring resentment? Here is the key: every time that person or that event is played in your mind you feel negative, hurt, or angry feelings about that person, or something they did. Do you really need a psychiatrist to understand that you cannot achieve sexual satisfaction from man that you are harboring resentment or forgiveness against?

The event may have happened a long time ago, but your feelings are just as real as if it happened today. Since we are not God and cannot change other people, we only have two choices in the matter.

  1. Make a decision to forgive them and save your own heart in the process.
  2. Hold on to your resentment and stay miserable for the rest of your life.

Okay, when you are ready to let go, here is the most important, effective way to let go of the bad feelings you feel about that person or event. Remember, you will still have the conscious memory of it, but the bad feelings associated with it will leave, sometimes immediately, or fade to black in her heart in a little while. Either way, the bad feelings will leave and you will be free. It is your choice!

Here’s The Release Exercise:

Find a quiet place in your home, preferably in the early morning hours, after you have been up only a little while, before the day’s events crowd your mind. Keep the light subdued, and sit quietly on the floor against the wall.

It’s now time to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to feel the hurt and anger. Most of us were taught to relinquish the permission we need to feel bad. We were taught in childhood, to carry on and just forget about it. Just ignoring it will not make it go away. You ignored it before, did it just go away?

Close your eyes and remember what happened, vividly. Be there. Hear his voice, remember. Talk back if you need to, say what you didn’t say. Imagine what you should have done, and didn’t. Take your time. Be there. Don’t be afraid. No one can hurt you.

Keep your eyes closed, and stay here, and feel for a moment longer. Then imagine letting all of the bad feelings flow out of you and hover in front of you. Take your hands and shape all of the bad feelings into a large ball. Sit it down on the floor and tell it to stay, out loud if you want to. Then pick up the hammer you imagine next to the ball and smash it hard. Strike it hard; hit it with all your strength. Keep hitting it until it pulverized in your mind. Stare at it. Realize that it is now nothing. Say out loud, “It is now nothing. Only I remain.” Open your eyes and get up. You are not the same, you are free from the torment. You will still have the memory, but the torment and anguish of it will be gone.

Please Note: For pesky deep-seated resentments, this exercise can be repeated. You will be free of the emotional torment. Rape victims find this exercise especially beneficial, since a large percentage of rapists are never caught or brought to justice. 

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