Inner Game – 5 Ways To Improve Yourself


Much of your success as a pick up artist will rest upon the confidence that you have in yourself. Not just confidence in your pick up skills, but confidence in the person you are and the life that you lead. This is often referred to as inner game. Your interaction skills and material will only get you so far. Granted, in many cases that may be far enough to reach the goal that you’re working towards: number closing, kiss closing, bringing a girl (or girls) home. But ultimately, your true character and personality is going to come out — …

Dating Tips


This Page is Devoted to Practical Dating Tips Derived From the Secret AskMichaela Files!

Have you ever walked down a busy street and passed a stranger and felt a little quiver inside like you knew them? 

Have you ever been in a store shopping and someone comes near you to look at something and feel you a strange sense that you know them? 

A lot of unusual incidents happen to us everyday that literally go right over our head. We have a tendency to take everything on a surface level. We live in a deeply superficial age. We are so visually bombarded …

Top Ten Mistakes Men Make With Women At The Bar or Club


As a veteran pickup coach, I’ve seen it all…

I’ve seen guys who were short, scrawny, and nerdy-looking walk into a club and
leave with the best looking girl in the place.

I’ve seen good-looking, confident guys freeze up when I told them to approach, and then hide from me the rest of the night!…

Love Advice


Carly wrote to me asking for love advice. She is twenty one and a professional young woman living in Boston. She e-mailed me twice and really touched  me with her honesty. Here is a brief summary of what her relationship question was:…

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