The Ajax Sauer & Sohn Review


I recently had the opportunity to field strip an Ajax Sauer & Sohn Model 638 .25 ACP with some regularity. Although this is not a gun that I’ve ever really explored before, I was surprised at how well made it is and how interesting it turned out to be in my estimation. It’s not often that you find guns with so many nice features all in one package.…

Love Advice


Carly wrote to me asking for love advice. She is twenty one and a professional young woman living in Boston. She e-mailed me twice and really touched  me with her honesty. Here is a brief summary of what her relationship question was:…

Relationship Advice


Ahhh…relationship advice….I never asked to get involved with it. But my granny said after my heart was shattered into a million pieces, “The broken know how to mend others. 

So that’s me, in a nutshell. I know what it means to be broken. I also know what it means to feel mended and whole. None of us want to be alone. But the risk vs. reward thing is the caveat that is oftentimes in the forefront of our minds when we pursue a dating relationship. Deep inside of us, we know that it is against our design to be …

Jewish Dating Services


Our surveys show the top 3 Jewish dating services to be, and These Jewish Dating Services are free to join and offer a wide array of services. We have listed the key points about the services below for your review.…

Female Sexual Health -Sexually Transmitted Disease


This page is devoted to female sexual health and the concerns of sexually transmitted disease.

What Are The Physical Obstacles to Achieving Female Sexual Health?

Fear of Catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease:

Two years ago, a prominent condom company conducted a nationwide survey and found out that 85% of women were more concerned about catching a sexually transmitted disease (especially those that are incurable or fatal) than becoming pregnant while having sex. Unfortunately, a high percentage of the women had scant knowledge about the dozens of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and the symptoms of those diseases.…

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